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SOLOS (cover design)

I was working freelance for ten years in a Madrid based comic publishing company, Dibbuks Editorial, with Ricardo Esteban Plaza (now in Nuevo Nueve Ediciones) and Marion Duc (now in Astiberri).

I’ve recopilated all five covers that I made for the Spanish edition of the Vehlmann and Gazzotti comic book series. The original french covers were all in white background. I’ve decided to add a dark color instead, and I’ve selected blue for the first tome, and I added a shadow behing the kids group due to any kind of ‘think’ that were scaring them. Then I’ve chosen other colours for the following volumes and other motif to make them differnt to others and easy to recognize each one from the others. The hardest was the fifth, because i didn’t know what to do… in first instance I put a character with a razon blade, but it was not a very powerful imagen, and it was some kind of spoiler too, then I decided to use the gauls due them appear all over the book. The black parts over white are the UVI overcoat.

First concept, as it was in origin:

TOME 1 (2014):

TOME 2 (2014)

TOME 3 (2015)

TOME 4 (2015)

TOME 5 (2018)