👤  About illustraworks

I’ve made this website to show my artwork and other stuff. I’ve also invited several friends to publish some of their own artwork in my site. Please fell free to contact them if you like it.

Guillermo Velasco Navarro, Madrid, Spain


Main email address: illustraworks@gmail.com

Guillermo Velasco: imprentalab@gmail.com



I’m ? graphic designer and ? illustrator with more than 30 yeas of experience.

You can see some of my ? artwork in my website.

I make ✍? sketches and ? comics and other kind of personal arts with my nickname @latintadelbote (Commisions Open).

Actually I’m ??‍? graphic design instructor in the cinema and theatre academy metropolis-ce.com in Madrid.

I’m also a ??‍♂️ entertainer and president of Fabula Dibujo y Juego cultural assotiation. You can see me in @capihistorietas and @acfabula.



You can support my work

In my ? Patreon account you can support me starting 1$/month.

[kofi]     In my ☕️ Ko-Fi account you can support me with the amount of the cost of a coffee, 2€, or more.

I have, also, a ? Liberapay account, an alternative of Patreon and Ko-fi.


Thank you very much for your support


Guillermo Velasco Navarro




History before illustraworks

Illustraworks is a collaborative project by Guillermo Velasco, but it’s not the first. Before he founded other projects that were substituted by the next.

In 2006 it was created ESTUDIO THOTH, as tribute to the Egyptian god of writing, between Ioannes Ensis, Luis Fonseca, Álvaro Muñoz and Guillermo Velasco. From that project was born Historietas Podcast (2007-2010) and several comic projects were started. In this years were made comics for the Fundación para la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales of Spain. https://enrutahacialaseguridad.blogspot.com/

After than, in 2010 Guillermo created a new brand titled SOLUCIONES ILUSTRADAS*, to continue Estudio Thoth but with a more comercial look. Guillermo began to work as comic-book layout composer for Editorial Dibbuks.

First development for Soluciones Ilustradas logotype

The brand Soluciones Ilustradas was gradually going to be used only by Guillermo, while Ioannes Ensis continued for his side, but keeping their collaborations when they needed.

As the brand Soluciones Ilustradas were already registered by a company, and used by other artists, Guillermo wanted to change it for another name.

Meanwhile a friend requested a design for his printing service company whose name began by the G character, but the design was not used.

Then, as I liked the G design, that is a register mark that hides two of the four round corners while it’s still readable the G letter, I decided to use it for myself.

In 2017 Guillermo created ILLUSTRAWORKS, then he wanted the collaborative project again, and invited some friends to join and send some pictures for making this website.

First logo for IllustraWorks, while we found a better one.

It’s supposed to be intended to make some kind of «illustrators agency» but it may be understand as a individual brand by Guillermo, and his friends will be «guest artists» because each one are making their own artworks and promotions in their own profiles and networks, but not into the Illustraworks one. However, they are friends and Guillermo is glad to have them in this website.



In Spanish:

Historia antes de illustraworks

ILLUSTRAWORKS es un proyecto colaborativo de Guillermo Velasco, pero no es el primero. Antes fundó otros proyectos que fueron sustituidos por el siguiente.

En 2006 se creó ESTUDIO THOTH, en homenaje al dios egipcio de la escritura, entre Ioannes Ensis, Luis Fonseca, Álvaro Muñoz (rork) y Guillermo Velasco. A partir de ese proyecto nació Historietas Podcast (2007-2010) y se iniciaron varios proyectos cómicos. En estos años se hicieron cómics para la Fundación para la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales de España. https://enrutahacialaseguridad.blogspot.com/ y otros.

Después de eso, en 2010 Guillermo creó una nueva marca titulada SOLUCIONES ILUSTRADAS*, para continuar Estudio Thoth pero con un look más comercial. Guillermo comenzó a trabajar como compositor de diseño de cómics para Editorial Dibbuks. La marca Soluciones Ilustradas poco a poco iba a ser utilizada sólo por Guillermo, mientras que Ioannes Ensis continuó por su lado, pero manteniendo sus colaboraciones cuando lo necesitaban. Como la marca Soluciones Ilustradas ya estaba registrada por una empresa, y utilizada por otros artistas, Guillermo quería cambiarla por otro nombre.

En 2017 Guillermo creó ILLUSTRAWORKS, luego quiso el proyecto colaborativo de nuevo, e invitó a algunos amigos a unirse y enviar algunas fotos para hacer este sitio web. Se supone que está destinado a hacer algún tipo de «agencia de ilustradores», pero puede ser entendido como una marca individual por Guillermo, y sus amigos serán «artistas invitados» porque cada uno está haciendo sus propias obras de arte y promociones en sus propios perfiles y redes, pero no en el de Illustraworks.